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"the rain is gone, the sun is shining"

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I made this a few months ago…tbt?

Remember when Joe made a Funny or Die video for Valentine’s Day?

You guys. I know I’m late to post about this, but I’ve been tweeting about it for like an hour. Joe is with his parents and Frankie and he’s looking especially beautiful tonight.

Honestly, this makes me love Joe even more. He’s being open about his life and career and I think it’s amazing when celebrities do this. It strengthens the connection they have with their fans. It also goes to show the haters that Joe really cares about us fans and loves us enough to share something like this. It’s like Demi opening up about her past; it can help those listening to kind of wake up and fix what’s wrong. I’m am so proud of Joe and to call myself a huge fan of his.

It’s December. No Shave November is over. Is Joe still Mexican?

Track Title: Wedding Bells

Artist: Jonas Brothers

Album: LiVe


Wedding Bells “V”.


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Anonymous asked: "This is a fandom hug (>^.^)> Pass it along to anyone in need. Stay strong! <3 <3"

Thanks. :’) I think we all need it. It just hit me that the band is over and now I’m tearing up.