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"the rain is gone, the sun is shining"

Camp Rock vs. Staples Center.


Let me know if I should keep this blog going!

I wasn’t planning on making anymore ‘Joe things’ posts, but if you guys have any, send them to me through my ask and I’ll make edits and post them later. I made this blog 2 years ago and I know it’s kind of died down since I used to post every. single. day. It was fun then, but now I’m in college and I don’t get a lot of free time. I also became a YouTuber and book reviewer on top of that! I’m happy with what I’m doing, and yeah, I’m still on tumblr, just not this blog all the time. Thanks for following me and I will return to this blog later. I’ll also keep it up and I won’t delete it without letting you guys know. I’ll make a page on my blog and list my other blogs I’ve been signing into more frequently and other stuff I’ve been up to these days. xx

Seriously, I didn’t expect Jemi to have a new moment. That was so sudden and I was not prepared. I feel like this is 3 years ago when all my blogging was Jonas and everything was Jemi and I had Jemi pics saved to my phone. They were and kinda still are my OTP and I want them to be together again. I hate when people say it’s dumb to still ship it. Now when people hate on Jemi I’ll just be like

Joe Jonas + Photoshoots

This is me & Gotta find you - (2008-2014)

Still can’t believe this happened.

Thank you for 800 followers!

And if you haven’t seen this post about the video project for Joe’s 25th, check it out! x

Camp Rock | Crack Humor 

I made this a few months ago…tbt?

Remember when Joe made a Funny or Die video for Valentine’s Day?